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About Us

Brian Raimondi
Brian Raimondi, owner and therapist for R.P.T. (Raimondi Physical Therapy), graduated from SUNY Health Center of New York with a B.S. in Physical Therapy in 1997. He worked at Staten Island University Hospital from 1997-2000, where he offered physical therapy in orthopedic, in-patient rehabilitation, acute care, and traumatic brain injury. In 2000, Mr. Raimondi established R.P.T., an independent private practice.

Our Team

Whether it is pain, restrictions in motion, strengthening, balance training, etc., our dedicated staff will work towards achieving your goals with a personal and committed approach. The focus is on you. A licensed therapist in a friendly atmosphere treats each person. We have been in Carroll Gardens for many years now and have established a reputation of being really committed to our patients and providing care in a patient-friendly atmosphere.

The main focus and purpose of our therapists is to properly restore function ability pain free and have the person return to normal activities and to be able to self manage symptoms independently. We want patients to be able to be independent with home exercise program and not be in therapy for months on end.

Find A Physical Therapist – Brooklyn NY

Look no further. Conveniently located on Court Street in Brooklyn NY, R.P.T. Physical Therapy’s primary expertise involves the treatment of pre-and post-surgical patients, cervical and lumbar dearrangements, and upper and lower extremity impairments, movement disorder syndromes, injury prevention, and the promotion of health, wellness, and fitness.

Have A Question?

If you have any questions, please review our Frequently Asked Questions, send us an email or call our office (718) 855-1543.

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