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Knee Rehabilitation in Brooklyn

We take our knees for granted. Ordinary tasks like using the stairs, walking short distances, or driving a car become frustrating — and dangerous — when we struggle with knee pain or injury. That’s why it’s critical to get professional treatment from a physical therapist.

Knee Rehabilitation Physical Therapy in BrooklynOur knee physical therapy helps you to regain your full range of motion, flexibility and strength. Throughout the knee rehabilitation process, we motivate you, help you build confidence, and most importantly, restore your mobility and independence!

Let our experienced and attentive staff help you with knee rehabilitation for:

  • ACL Pre/Post surgery
  • Meniscus Tear (with or without surgery)
  • Patellofemoral Syndrome
  • Arthritis
  • All types of Sprains and Tendontiis

Schedule Your Knee Rehabilitation Appointment

Contact our Brooklyn office today to make an appointment to discuss knee rehabilitation and whether knee physical therapy may be right for you. Please call (718) 855-1543, or use the appointment request form on this page.

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