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Pre/Post Joint Replacement in Brooklyn

Joint Replacement Physical Therapy in BrooklynJoint replacement physical therapy doesn’t always begin after a surgical procedure. In fact, for many, it is beneficial as a treatment before it becomes necessary for surgery. Whether for shoulder, hip or knee replacement, we’ll develop a treatment plan to help you achieve your goal of pain-free mobility.

Knee Replacement Physical Therapy

We have experience with patients who have opted for knee replacement surgery, either one knee at a time, or having both replaced simultaneously. Patients often begin knee replacement physical therapy the day after surgery in order to re-train the body and strengthen the muscles and ligaments.

Daily exercise — both with a physical therapist and independently — is critical for you to regain your full range of motion, flexibility, strength, and most importantly, restoring your mobility and independence!

Hip Replacement Physical Therapy

Patients who have hip replacement surgery, need to begin working with a physical therapist immediately after their surgery. We’ll help your body adjust and learn how to walk again.

Hip replacement physical therapy helps you regain flexibility, strength and mobility. Likewise, we work with you to develop safe behaviors to minimize the risk of aggravating or re-injuring yourself.

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