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Ask The Therapists

What should I wear and bring first visit.

A: You should wear sneakers and loose fitting clothing for the initial evaluation so the physical therapist can adequately examine the appropriate area. Also, please bring your insurance card, MD’s prescription, or Worker’s Comp/ No Fault information.

How long is each appointment and will I be working with 1 physical therapist?

A: You will receive full 45 to 60 min session with a licensed physical therapist. Each session will consist of hands on treatment and utilization of equipment to promote strengthening, flexibility, and increasing range of motion.

Can I go to any physical therapist facility?

A: You may go any facility you choose. The MD prescribes physical therapy and it is your choice of what facility to attend. We at R.P.T. will contact MD and provide a copy of the evaluation within 24 hours for review.

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