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Benefits of Fencing

Benefits of Fencing

Fencing is a sport that has long since been enjoyed by many. Here are some health benefits of fencing for those considering participating in the sport.

Builds Strength and endurance: Fencing requires speed, flexibility, and complex footwork in order to maintain distance from an opponent. A fencer needs great musuclar endurance to avoid getting fatigued too early on.

Increased anaerobic fitness: Fencing is largely in part a start/stop sport, in which periods of intense activity are interspersed with periods of recovery.

Agility, alertness, and endurance: Fencing requires quick responses to counter attacks from an opponent while putting the opponent on the defensive.

Stress reduction: As your mind is focused on the game, your body is releasing endorphins. 

Increased aerobic fitness: Fencing increases oxygen in the blood, which increases circulation and boosts the body's immune system. 

Cardiovascular health: as respitory rate increases, capilliaries widen 

Balance: constant balance is key in fencing, and keeping it strengthens your core. 

Coordination: During fencing your body has to move in full range, forcing your arms and legs to be harmonious as you attack, defend and counter-attack. 

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