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Benefits of Horseback Riding

Benefits of Horseback Riding

                                                        Horseback riding can be a relaxing and peaceful activity. Some health benefits of horseback riding include:   

Develops Core Strength: a rider's strongest set of muscles is their core. A rider must maintain proper riding posture and will need to engage their core muscles to stay balanced on their horse.

Improves Coordination: A rider must work to maintain coordination with their horse and the horse's own movements. 

Exercises Mind: As the rider communicates with a horse, executes movements, overcome obstacles, your mind stores this information and makes it easier to complete the same tasks the next time you ride the horse.

Develops Problem Solving Skills: How to stay safe and in control of your horse, as horses can be unpredictable, like any other animal. 

Develops muscle tone and increases strength: In addition to horseback riding, riders can develop what's called "stable strength," where riders usually participate in demanding physical activity around the stables, where the horses are kept. 

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