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Benefits of Playing Basketball

Boosts and Promotes Cardiovascular Health: As you play basketball your heart rate increases, and it builds endurance to keep a healthy heart. It may also lower the risk of stroke and heart disease.

Burns Calories: Basketball is great for burning calories because of all the quick movements, plus the running and jumping is an aerobic workout that burns a lot of calories.

Builds up Bone Strength: Basketball is an excellent weight-bearing activity. Weight bearing makes bones stronger. Both the muscles and bones in your body becomes stronger.

Boosts Immune System: Basketball lowers stress which can boost your immune system.

Promotes Strength Training: Basketball allows for a full body workout, which aids in the development of lean muscle in your neck, lower back, deltoids, and core muscles. It can also strengthen your legs, arms, hand muscles and wrist flexors.

Boosts Mental Development: Basketball requires its players to think on their feet. It requires a great deal of focus and the ability to make quick and effective decisions on the court, with or without the ball.

Sharpens Coordination and Motor Skills: Basketball requires excellent hand eye coordination and full body cooridination.

Encourages self discipline and concentration

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