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Benefits of Playing Squash

Benefits of Playing Squash

Source: Health Fitness Revolution

Agillity: Squash includes leaping, spinning, stopping, bending, jumping, sprinting and running. Players must move quickly by maintaing a balanced position in order to hit the ball hard and accurately.

Sharpens hand eye coordination: seeing the ball and adjusting the body accordingly under stress allows you to hone in on target and destination.

Compels flexibility: Constant movment in the game of squash promotes elasticity and blood flow in the body. Your muscles will get the most out of a stretch in every game.

Pinpoints concentration: Your eyes are sharply fixated on the ball at all times, which may improve fconcentration. It can also improve a player's spatial awareness. 

Strength and fitness: Squash will build up your strength physically in a variety of ways.

Improves cardiovascular health: In addition, playing squash builds endurance and stamina.

Coaches social skills. Squash is a great opportunity to be social and make new friends.

Improves self confidence: games of squash can improve a player's confidence and lend them a sense of accomplishment. It also boosts self esteem.

Alleviates stress: Squash is a wonderful stress reliever. Negative energy sometimes caused by stress can be channeled as physical energy in the game.

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