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Benefits of Proper Posture

Why Proper Posture is So Important 

Many people think that poor posture is just a bad habit. It can be, but not always. Some physical reasons for poor posture include but are not limited to: inflexible muscles that decrease range of motion, overly tight, shortened hip muscles that may tug your upper body forward and disrupt your posture.

Muscle strength affects balance in ways too. Weak core muscles provoke slumping over which tips your body forward and you thus end up off balance. 

You can improve your balance with specific exercises. 

So, what does good posture mean?

  • your chin is parallel to the floor
  • your shoulders are even (roll your shoulders up, back, and down to help achieve this)
  • a neutral spine (no flexing or arching to overemphasize the curve in your lower back)
  • arms at your sides with elbows straight and even
  • abdominal muscles are braced
  • hips are even
  • knees are even and pointing straight ahead
  • body weight is distributed evenly on both feet.
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