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Tips to Keeping Up Your Own Workout

Whether or not you exercise in your own home, at a gym, or even in a park outside, your own workout program is indeniably a part of that. Here are some tips to keep in mind when designing and implementing your own workout program: 

  • Be consistent and train often. Gaps due to lack of motivation or time won't get you the results you want. The best thing to do is build your workout into your schedule by starting one from scratch. Write a general one and decide which days you'll workout and which days you'll rest. For example, will you work out Tuesday-Saturday and rest Sunday and Monday? Choose which days to workout or rest best on what fits the dynamics of your daily life. 

  • Building in time for "active recovery." Active recovery is meant to help you recover from your more intense workouts. An example of an active recovery activity is light or casual swimming, or even a long walk. 

  • Keeping variety. Variety is very important when keeping a workout. If you put your body through the same routine, eventually you will plateau. Also, you'll want to keep a variety in the types of exercises you do so you don't get bored and so your workouts stay interesting. A lack of variety induces mental burnout or possibly body injury. 

  • Introduce challenge. Workouts have to get harder over time, either by increasing your sets, or increasing weight, or increasing volume. Challenge is another way to keep your workouts interesting, too. 

  • Keeping a workout journal. Keeping a workout journal is crucial. It's a space where you can document exactly what exercises you do, how often you do them, and if the load you carry if you do weightlifting. This way you can keep track of your workouts, and better know when to adjust them, thus introducing variety and challenge. You also want to keep a subjective record: how you feel after your workouts, physically and or perhaps even mentally. 

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