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What You May Not Know about Physical Therapy

  • "No pain no gain"  If during a physical therapy session you are in pain, tell your physical therapist right away. Physical therapy should be relatively pain free, if not you may want to stay away from certain stretches or exercises that could aggravate your condition or injury. 

  • It is crucial that you complete your home exercise program designed by you and your physical therapist. Physical therapy alone is not enough, and must be supplemented by at-home exercises. 

  • A massage you may recieve in physical therapy is not the same massage you would receive from a masseuse at a spa. The purpose of a massage in physical therapy is to decrease tightness and tone, and to improve tissue mobility of a specific muscle that may be inflamed or the source of joint pain. 

  • Physical therapists hold advanced degees. In the state of New York, physical therapists must hold either a doctorate degree (DPT) in physical therapy or a masters degree in physical therapy (MPT). Additionally, you must hold a Bachelors degree in a related field. 
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