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What's Great About Snowboarding?

What's So Great About Snowboarding? 

Improved/Increased Flexibility. Because snowboarding equires you to change position, speed, and direction very quickly, this can improve/increase your flexibility. 

Improved Balance and Coordination. Having to stay balanced on a snowboard can be tough. Adding elements of snow and ice can make it even more difficult. The more you snowboard, the better your balance and coordination will become. 

A Stronger Core. In snowboarding you use a great range of muscle groups, including your core. The stronger your core, the better. 

Can Burn Calories and Lead to Weight Loss.  During snowboarding, your body can burn up to 600 calories per hour. This can lead to a more balanced diet with healthy foods to replenish your energy.  

Strenghtens Leg Muscles. Your legs will get a lot stronger with snowboarding. This is great news!

Good for Bones and Joints. Snowboarding puts a healthy amount of tension weight on knees, ankles, and feet, which helps strengthen the joints and bones in your legs. 

Psychological and Mental Health Benefits of Snowboarding 

Improves mood. Snowboarding can release endorphins, a hormone related to the feeling of happiness. 

Combats Stress and Anxiety. This can also improve your mood. 

Helps Form New Relationships. Snowboarding is a very social activity since you're rarely on the slopes by yourself. This can also positively impact mood and happiness. 

Greater Sense of Self Confidence. As you master the sport, your confidence may increase. 

Improves concentration. All the information that needs to be managed during snowboarding can improve concentration. 

Source: Flyer Diaries

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