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R.P.T. Physical Therapy in Our New Location at 400 Court Street Brooklyn, NY 11231 Between Carroll Street and 1st Place (3 blocks from our old Location)

Conveniently located on Court Street in Brooklyn NY, R.P.T. Physical Therapy’s primary expertise in volves the treatment of pre and post-surgical patients, cervical and lumbar derangements, upper and lower extremity impairments, movement disorder syndromes, injury prevention, and the promotion of health, wellness, and fitness.

Whether it is pain, restrictions in motion, strengthening, balance training, etc., our dedicated staff will work towards achieving your goals with a personal and committed approach. The focus is on you. We have been in Carroll Gardens for many years now and have established a reputation of being really committed to our patients and providing care in a patient-friendly atmosphere.

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We are taking all recommended precautions and utilizing all proper disinfecting techniques.

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New and existing Patients can make appointments online through our online portal. Just click on Request an Appointment on our home page.

If have any difficulty, please call our office and we will walk you through the process.

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Patient Testimonials
  • Honey R.
    4 years ago
    At RPT, I loved how they always greet you with a smile. Nick, the physical therapist aide, always has water ready for me. I came to RPT lacking mobility and courage, but I left with much more; I left believing in myself. Brian Raimondi is my hero.
  • Monsignor Nicholas D.
    4 years ago
    Thank you to Brian and staff for putting me on the road to recovery following my latest ailment. This was the third time I visited their establishment and would not hesitate for a moment to recommend this competent organization to anyone. A special thank you to Sam and Marie for their courtesy during my rehabilitation. I am doing much better now, and hopefully will not have to visit again. If I ever have to do so sometime in the future, however, I would not hesitate to call upon RPT and its staff for their wonderful services. Thanks again!
  • Mike A.
    7 years ago
    Professional, curteous, knowledgeable and dedicated. The best phyiscal therapists around. You are greeted by smiles, everyone knows your name and the programs are created based on your needs, stretngths & weaknesses. I highly recommend this office...especially to runners, who like me, may experience IT pain after long runs. They will get you running again without any pain and will teach you how to listen to your body to prevent further injury!
  • Becky B.
    7 years ago
    RPT has been great. The therapist I worked with, Rita, is knowledgable and attentive. She noticed all the details of my movements even when working with other patients simultaneously, and effectively modulated and ramped up my exercises to meet my changing/improving pain and capabilities. She was also friendly to work with. The office is organized, effectively keeping up with the paperwork demands of my health insurance, and very flexible for scheduling. The only down side is the out-of-sync televisions that are hard to ignore. Overall RPT did a great job of helping me to heal my elbow injury. Highly recommended!
  • Corinne M.
    7 years ago
    I honestly don't know how this place doesn't have more reviews, every time I go in there not only am I greeted by name, with a smile, but everyone else who is getting PT seems to be enjoying it and happy as well (or as happy as you can be doing PT) I had ankle surgery and after searching high and low for a reputable and knowledgeable place to go that accepts my insurance I came across this place. It was also on my Hospital for Special Surgery guide of recommended PT places. My first session with James was a little nerve-racking and I didn't know what to expect but he was able to explain the process and what to expect for the next 6 weeks very well. He challenged me and kept things interesting by always changing up the sessions a little so I didn't get bored. He was very attentive and even while juggling other clients always made sure I was doing something and felt OK with the exercise. At the end of my prescribed 6 weeks my doctor was impressed at how far I had come. Honestly everyone who works there and even the people who go there are very nice and it almost reminded me of Cheers, except with more exercise and pain... less booze :)
  • Ethel B.
    7 years ago
    I am delighted to say the physical therapy I received here has enabled me to live my life and resume all activities. The knowledge of the pleasant staff made me feel safe and stronger. I was always greeted by everyone and made to feel welcome.
  • Magda W.
    7 years ago
    've been going to RPT for 3 months, before and after my ACL surgery. My physical therapist, James, was very knowledgable and paid attention to my recovery progress, always pushing me to do a little bit more, which I appreciated. I would recommend this place and James.
  • Alex M.
    7 years ago
    I've been to RPT for two different rounds of therapy and each experience has been positive and beneficial. The staff is great - friendly and knowledgeable. I felt like an appropriate exercise routine was in place and we built on it week to week. Physically, I felt like the therapy really worked - due in large part to the attentive staff. I'd definitely go back and would recommend RPT without hesitation.
  • Mike J.
    7 years ago
    I was very impressed by the staff at RPT Physical Therapy. I went there for therapy on a torn meniscus. James Murrell and his assistant quickly zeroed in on how to strengthen the muscles surrounding the area in order to reduce and hopefully eliminate the symptoms of the meniscus without surgery. I was told that I only needed one follow up visit. In addition to the excellent, well-explained exercises that they gave me to do at home, I was particularly impressed by the fact that they felt that I did not need many more therapy visits and that home strengthening would be sufficient. I appreciated their honesty. I would return to RPT Physical Therapy without hesitation. I also think that their hourly rate is reasonable for the high quality of the services I received.
  • Maria P.
    7 years ago
    I have relied on RPT for two rehabilitation cycles after surgery. Both times the staff impressed me with how cooperative they were, how they seemed to work consistently with each other and the patient to follow the recommended rehab program. There's little to no waiting- if you have a 10:00am appointment, someone will be with you when you walk in, or at least no later than 10:05am. The staffers are fun and well prepared- quick to correct a position, adjust the use of equipment or attentive to a patient's ability and stamina. All around congenial and knowledgeable team of experienced and "in training" staff" who work well under the direction of owner, Brian R. Brian is an excellent resource for understanding injury and rehab in general.
  • Agent D.
    7 years ago
    It's a great place! All the staff are top professionals who don't hesitate to challenge you with their exercises and yet it is incredibly informal with patients and staff cracking jokes and keeping a light hearted atmosphere. It almost seems like a throwback to the stereotypical Brooklyn candy store of the pre-yuppie era. But don't be deceived: the physical therapy techniques and treatment are as modern and helpful as it gets. In fact, they were recommended to me by NYU Hospital in midtown Manhattan so they must be very respected in the industry.
  • Suzie H.
    7 years ago
    I had a wonderful experience with my R.P.T. therapists to rehab muscle atrophy in a fractured wrist. Everyone had a great attitude, and I looked forward to my appointments. After only one session, I had already noticed a great improvement in my flexibility and ability to use my hand for basic functions, like cooking and putting on sunscreen. The exercises and stretching were varied with each session, which kept me motivated and challenged me to do more with my hand than I thought I was able to do on my own. James and the other therapists really helped me to regain the use of my hand so that I could go back to a regular work and school schedule. Thanks again!
  • Molly H.
    7 years ago
    The care I received from R.P.T. was absolutely outstanding. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend R.P.T. to family and friends. The professionalism, expertise, and compassion of the staff make all the difference. Thanks for giving me the tools to work past my injury and get back to my life.
  • D F.
    7 years ago
    I live in Nevada and ruptured my Achilles tendon while visiting family in New York. I was referred to physical therapy by my orthopedic surgeon. I saw significant progress after 2 weeks at R.P.T. Physical Therapy. Thank You R.P.T. for your expertise.
  • Cheryl S.
    7 years ago
    “I was referred to physical therapy with 22 broken bones from a motorcycle accident. The therapists at R.P.T. were able to switch gears and work well with me by listening to my goals and work with me on a intense level so I could get back to my work and my life.
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